Mind, body and spirit are created by energy, which keeps them bound together in an orderly condition despite their different expressions.  Therefore, healing takes place at one’s atomic level.  

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Thank you for visiting my healingwork website, where you can find information about my work for healing through energy – as a MDA certified tai chi instructor, CPS accredited spiritual healer, trained medium and meditation/personal development teacher.

My life journey so far has led me to two parallel paths; the art of tai chi chuan and the art of spiritual healing/mediumship. Since 1998 I have had the privilege of training with true masters of those arts with the added blessing of work with over 1,000 clients through my healing therapies.

The benefits of regular tai chi chuan/chi kung exercise on health, fitness and stress control are well known. The effects of spiritual healing on various illnesses and emotional problems are also widely accepted in the health care and medical world including the UK’s National Health Service. Both forms of practice work by balancing our energy and gently shifting our consciousness.

All my energy work has a common thread and purpose – using the life force (universal energy) to encourage one’s healing process physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. What is required of me for this process as a practitioner is also the same:

  • Discipline of mind
  • Heightening of sensitivity
  • Detachment of own ego and emotions

My journey continues on a daily learning process through meditation, training and experience. Whenever I have stumbled on my journey, I have been inspired, uplifted and guided by the power of Spirit and people who live life in truth. Each life journey is unique and personal but I know, through my own experience, that we never walk alone. It will be my true pleasure to share the peace, joy and happiness life offers on our soul’s journey with you.                                                                                            

Yuka Donovan       

  • Home-visit or Outdoor Private Tai Chi lessons available in Chelsea, Kensington, Fulham and Belgravia
  • Chelsea Tai Chi class
    (Outdoor) Battersea Park, Wandsworth, London SW11
    (Indoor) Ixworth Place Community Centre, 2 Kimbolton Row, London SW3  
  • Tai Chi for Health Class at Kathrine Low Settlement SW11
  • Tai Chi for Health class at Methodist Church, Minstead Gardens Roehampton, London SW15
  • Tai Chi Class at the Hogarth Health Club, Airdale Avenue, Chiswick, W4
  • Healing Therapies (spiritual healing and intuitive guidance) available in English or Japanese in central London and via on-line platform.

For details and bookings, please see the individual page or contact me direct.

* To maintain the high standard of practitioners, tai chi instructors of Master Ding Academy MDA (formerly known as John Ding Int’l Academy of Tai Chi Chuan) are required to continue their training with Master Ding while UK Healers’ registered spiritual healers also must meet Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements every year.

” Spiritual healing does really work ! – Daily Mail Article in 2006″

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