Healing Therapy (心霊治療/霊視アドバイス)

Tree and light imageThe body, mind and spirit mechanism works in the same way in many holistic therapies and martial arts despite their different labels and definitions.

In tai chi chuan, practitioners are required to still their minds but maintain their ‘active’ or alert consciousness in order to feel and direct the magnetic life force with intention, while sustaining the body’s correct alignment and posture.

In spiritual healing and intuitive guidance through spirit communication, mediums are required to still minds in order to achieve more receptive ‘passive’ consciousness, so that they can merge with faster and subtler energy vibrations and let them move or transmit information without medium’s conscious interference.

The following therapies are available for you to choose:

Spiritual healing (スピリチュアルヒーリング – 気功整体)

Spiritual healing is a gentle and unobtrusive therapy to awaken and stimulate the in-built healing faculty within our bodies, using the energy that creates and sustains all beings. Therapists lay hands on their clients’ bodies and/or energy fields around their bodies to channel the universal energy (life force). We healers are mediums who have an ability to channel the energy aided by our spirit guides. We are NOT miracle performers with magic hands giving away our own energies. Spiritual healing tackles the causes of illness through re-balancing the energies and can be applied alongside conventional medical treatments which cure symptoms. The cure through spiritual healing is not guaranteed.

Qualified spiritual healers with the membership of UK Healers (part of Confederation of Healing Organisation) are governed by its Code of Conduct and required to complete the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements every year.

Guidance through spirit communication (霊視によるアドバイス)  (Commonly known as sitting or reading)

All beings are made of energy that vibrates and radiates in colours. Thoughts, words and memories in our minds (consciousness) direct and shift energies. Even though physical bodies are subject to their lifespan, our minds never die and live on in the form of pure consciousness (pure energy) without physical limit, sustaining all the information we gathered in our lifetime. Passing over from physical life is like taking off a heavy coat, unveiling only spiritual, mental and emotional expressions of soul energy, to continue on our life journey.

We, mental mediums, use telepathic mind-to-mind communication to deliver messages as well as afterlife evidences from the pure consciousness of the spirit world. Mediums can see, hear and feel the presence of spirit communicators (your relatives and friends in spirit) by tuning into their subtle energy vibrations. Guidance and messages offered by spirit communicators will be pure, loving and truthful with the clear healing intention.

* Important Note: healing therapies provide an aid for self-healing and personal development, not a cure or solution for problems. They should not be regarded as substitutes for conventional medical treatments.

Spiritual healing & Intuitive guidance available in central London on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 11:30 am and 3 pm.  Please contact me for availability and more details.

**Donation-based (no fee obligation) Spiritual Healing Available Every Month in SW3 and EC2M. Please see the Event/Workshop page! **