My Story

Yuka Donovan ドノバン由香

Yuka photoMDA Certified tai chi instructor, CPS Accredited spiritual healer and trained medium

Born and raised in Tokyo, Yuka came to London in the late 1980s. While working in the City’s major corporations as a chief market analyst, senior commodity trader and associate director over 20 years, she trained with Master John Ding, the 6th generation of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan at Master Ding Academy (MDA), formerly known as John Ding Int’l Academy of Tai Chi Chuan (JDA) in London.

Parallel to her tai chi training, she studied spiritual healing and psychic development at the College of Psychic Studies (CPS), the UK’s second oldest spiritualism institution, which was established in 1884. As a spiritual healer, she has been working privately, as well as fortnightly at the CPS Thursday healing clinic since her accreditation in 2001. She developed her natural mediumistic ability through her healing work, aided by her further training with Dr Angela Watkins, experienced and internationally respected medium and a former tutor at CPS.

She feels strongly that the only way to repay her mentors Master John Ding and Dr Angela Watkins’ guidance and generosity is to share the knowledge she gained through them with others.

Yuka has been blessed to have assisted over 1,000 individuals on their life journeys through her spiritual/energy healing therapy since 2001. As a child who often suffered asthmatic attacks, she was greatly helped by her acute and constant sense of ‘being watched over’ and felt at ease being alone, talking to the voices always ready to respond to her. That was the early sign of her mediumistic ability.

” We tend to form our personalities through habits and repetitive reactions to our experiences, and start to believe that they are natural qualities we were born with, but it is not true.  All our life experiences are given to us only for the purpose of discovery of our true self – our soul. That is why we often feel irresistible urge to question our way of living. ”